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Terms and Conditions

If it's not too much trouble READ THESE TERMS OF USE CAREFULLY. BY CONTINUING TO ACCESS AND USE THIS APPLICATION YOU CONFIRM THAT YOU ACCEPT OUR TERMS AND CONDITIONS DESCRIBED HEREIN. In the event that YOU DO NOT AGREE THE TERMS OF USE, DO NOT USE THIS APPLICATION. Welcome to pryzcryb portable Application (characterized hereunder). The Application is worked by Pryscryb Healthcare India Private Limited ("PHCI"), having its enrolled office at Puthenpeedikakkal, Vallapuzha, Palakkad, Kerala The expressions "You" or "Your" allude to you as the client (independent of whether You are a Registered User (characterized hereunder) or a Non-Registered User (characterized hereunder)) and the expressions "PHCI", "We", "Us", "Organization", "Our" or potentially "pryzcryb" allude to PHCI. In the occasion the Application is being utilized by an individual for your benefit, the articulation "You" or "Your" or the "Client" will apply to such individual also. These Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, along with any extra Service explicit terms and conditions, different arrangements which might be relevant to explicit segments of the Application and any disclaimers which might be available on the Application are together alluded to as "Understanding" and comprise the particulars of Your entrance and utilization of the Application and the Services (characterized hereunder). Where any piece of the Agreement is altered as per the particulars of the Agreement, the Agreement will be enforceable in its changed structure. The Agreement overrides all past oral and composed terms and conditions (assuming any) conveyed to You.


PHCI is the creator and distributer of the Application, which will mean the versatile application, site, blog contained in that, inquiries replied by Our group over email, telephone or some other medium and all variations, devices, releases, additional items, and auxiliary items or administrations of the Application (counting all records and pictures contained in that or produced by the product, and going with information, in this alluded to separately or all things considered as "Application"). The Application might be utilized by Users (characterized beneath) to profit Services as well as to discover, get to, oversee and arrange data including however not restricted to individual or non-individual data, specialist/expert data, arrangements, solutions, research center and analytic tests, medicate conveyance, electronic clinical records, charging, stock, bookkeeping subtleties and other significant data. The Application named 'Self-Assessment Tool' is only for instructive and instructive purposes and isn't expected to give or be utilized to the conclusion or treatment of ailment or different conditions, including COVID-19. The direction you get relies upon the exactness of the data you give just as current rules for reacting to side effects related with the novel coronavirus COVID-19.


"Enrolled Users" will be clients:
• who have effectively enrolled themselves with PHCI through the Application by giving data that is valid and exact, and who can sign for to them on the Application by giving their username and secret phrase ("Primary User"); or • whose profile has effectively been made on the Application under the record of a Primary User, by giving data that is valid and precise ("Secondary User").


Non - Registered User: A Non - Registered User isn't allowed to access or utilize the Application for any reason other than the accompanying allowed use:
1. To peruse the Application without getting to any Services;
2. To utilize Self-Assessment Tool;
3. To offer the Application by means of web-based social networking applications. Appreciate all the entrance and utilization privileges of a Non-Registered User; Access and utilize the Services subject to such constraints and limitations as are endorsed under the Agreement or might be in any case imparted to Registered User every now and then through any contact data shared by such client at the hour of enrollment.


The information and data accessible on the Application might be classified as follows:
1. Data and data created or gave by Unregistered Users and Registered Users on the Application ("User Content").
2. Data and data which PHCI (through itself or its contractual workers) has created or obtained for the Application and incorporates information and data produced ("PHCI Content").


As legally necessary, You should be in any event 18 years old or more established, have a sound psyche and not suspended by any law to contract so as to access and utilize the Application and Services as a Primary User. In the event that the Application or Services are to be gotten to or utilized by a minor (for example an individual under 18 years old), at that point just the lawful watchman/agent of such individual will enroll himself/herself as a Primary User and make/include the profile of the minor as a Secondary User. All Services will be mentioned for, and gave to, the Primary User as it were. A Secondary User may profit the Services delivered to the Primary User just as a recipient. The Primary User will be completely dependable and responsible for the Secondary User's action on the Application, as though the Application and Services were being gotten to and utilized by the Primary User. Be that as it may, this will not release the Secondary User who is grown-up and of sound psyche from risk towards PHCI or its temporary workers or specialists and PHCI will reserve the privilege to continue against Secondary User and Primary User, either mutually or severally, for acts and exclusions of Secondary User that abuse the Agreement.
You will utilize the Application and the highlights gave on the Application just according to and in consistence with all material Indian laws. You won't utilize this Application, or any component gave on the Application to any reasons not planned under this Agreement.
Certain Services are area explicit. Contingent upon Your area certain Services may not be accessible to You. You won't purposely utilize the Application in any capacity that is unlawful or hurts PHCI, its executives, representatives, associates, merchants, accomplices, specialist organizations as well as any User and additionally information or substance on the Application. You won't utilize the Application for any illicit, improper, hostile reason or for whatever other reason that may encroach or disregard any material laws and guidelines.
You won't meddle, upset or hamper with the correct working of the Application. As a User, You may approach business delicate data. You will not impart such data to PHCI's immediate rivals or utilize it for serious purposes, aside from with PHCI's earlier composed assent. You comprehend that as a component of Your enrollment procedure just as in course of Your utilization of the Application, You may get correspondence from PHCI on Your enlisted contact data. These interchanges will identify with Your enrollment, Services gave by PHCI, exchanges that You help out through the Application and any such data discovered appropriate of Your consideration by PHCI. It would be ideal if you note that PHCI will send these correspondences just to the contact subtleties that You. It is Your duty to guarantee that You give the right contact subtleties to the exchange You wish to enter. Further, PHCI may likewise send notices and suggestions to You for the highlights that You might be utilizing on the Application. PHCI may likewise impart the dynamic secret word to You so as to encourage the online conveyance of your clinical report. You thusly agree to get such interchanges from PHCI.
You won't share Your sign in subtleties with anybody. You are liable for keeping up the secrecy of Your record get to data and secret key. You will be answerable for all use of Your record and secret key, regardless of whether approved by You. You will quickly advise PHCI of any real or associated unapproved use with the Your record or secret word. PHCI won't be obligated for Your misfortunes brought about by any unapproved utilization of Your record. You might be subject for the misfortunes of PHCI or others because of such unapproved use.


Utilization of Services
The Application might be utilized to get to an assortment of medicinal services and related administrations. Contingent upon the status of Your enlistment and subject to the constraints and limitations forced by the Agreement or by PHCI, You may benefit finishing administrations the Application:
1. Online Consultations (through pryzcryb group specialists);
2. Follow up care;
3. Consultations from super specialities;
4. Quick Responds From Doctors;
5. Download and print the medicine with a specialist's mark.;
You are prompted not to utilize the pryzcryb online meeting administrations if there should arise an occurrence of any health related crises like mishaps, draining wounds, consumes, sexual maltreatment/ambush, medico lawful cases or on the off chance that You are in a basic condition. In the event that You are a Registered User however don't fulfil the above pre-conditions, kindly don't benefit the online discussion administrations. PHCI won't be mindful or subject for any damage or misfortune that You may endure in the event that You choose for get to those Services. All Users, who are patients, and who choose online meeting administrations, might be required to experience an underlying clinical assessment to determine and record clinical history, medicine history and clinical status before video-counselling backing can be given.
Online conference administrations are given at the express assent by the User and the equivalent will not be interpreted as a trade for physical meeting and the Services are intended for general interview as it were. In the event that after online meeting, on the off chance that it is prescribed to experience any indicative tests or on the off chance that You are given with a Prescription, the equivalent are given dependent on the data and primer assessment, henceforth the equivalent will not be treated as precise, last and decisive. PHCI holds their privileges to alter the solution or suggested analytic tests if the User gives any extra data in future meeting.
Online counsel administrations might be given through the accompanying correspondence stations Call Centre Helplines/Telephones/Mobiles/IM Chats/Online Chats/SMS and Text Chats with and without camera and video offices at the sole carefulness of PHCI. Sensible endeavours will be made to secure Your protection and privacy across Health Consultation Services.


PHCI regards the licensed innovation privileges of others, and We anticipate the equivalent from You. The Application, User Content and the PHCI Content are ensured by relevant licensed innovation laws.

PHCI's Rights to the Application and PHCI Content:

All protected innovation in and to the Application and all product, procedures and procedures utilized regarding the previously mentioned, has a place only with PHCI or its licensors. As a User, You are allowed a restricted, non-selective, non-adaptable permit to access and utilize the Application according to the details of the Agreement. Through Your utilization of the Application, in no way, shape or form are any protected innovation rights impliedly or explicitly conceded by PHCI to You in regard of such works.
PHCI or potentially its licensors state every exclusive right in and to all names and brand names contained in the Application. Despite the simplification of the prior, the name and logo of "pryzcryb" is/are the brand names and copyright (comprehensive of some other material protected innovation right) of PHCI or potentially its licensors. Any utilization of such name or logo, except if in any case approved in a composed understanding, will establish an encroachment upon the brand name and copyright (or some other such protected innovation right) of PHCI as well as its licensors and might be noteworthy under pertinent laws.
Aside from as expressed in any case in this Agreement, all PHCI Content (counting all protected innovation rights to such substance) is claimed only by PHCI as well as its licensors.
At the point when You utilize the Application as per this Agreement, a constrained sovereignty free right is allowed to You by PHCI to utilize PHCI Content just for individual and non-business use in India for the term of the Agreement.
Except if unequivocally expressed in this, nothing in this Agreement will be understood as presenting on You any permit to protected innovation rights, regardless of whether by estoppel, suggestion, or something else.
Except if explicitly approved by PHCI, You make a deal to avoid repeating, alter, sell, disperse, reflect, outline, republish, download, send, or make subsidiary works of the PHCI Content, in entire or to a limited extent, using any and all means. You should not expel or adjust any copyright or brand name notice, or other notification of possession.

Rights in User Content:

You concur that You are the sole proprietor everything being equal (counting all protected innovation rights) in the User Content that You post on the Application or give to PHCI.
To the degree passable by law, You therefore award PHCI an unending, non-revocable, around the world, sovereignty free permit to utilize such User Content including the option to duplicate, convey, show, recreate, change, adjust, the User Content, and make derivate works of the User Content.


You have the alternative of transferring Your recognizable wellbeing data including physical, physiological and psychological well-being condition, and clinical records and history on the Application which might be gotten to by PHCI utilizing the Application, over the span of offering Types of assistance to You. On the off chance that You are a Secondary User, Your data might be given to Us by the Primary User under whose account you are utilizing and getting to the Application and Services. On the off chance that you have not legitimately approved the Primary User to do as such, sympathetically contact us quickly at By proceeding to access and utilize the Application and Service, You affirm that You as a Secondary User have approved Primary User to give Your data to us and based on data gave by the Primary User pryzcryb care group specialists would produce the remedy in the Secondary User's name. We may gather different individual data from You when You utilize the Application and for the highlights gave by the Application. Our Privacy Policy sets out terms as for the assortment, stockpiling, use, handling, move and exposure of any such close to home data.
At the point when You click on the 'I acknowledge' tab at the hour of enlisting or access the Application or in any case give Your own data, You explicitly agree to Our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. PHCI may unveil/move Your Personal Information as per pertinent law and for the reasons as set out in the Privacy Policy.
PHCI is legally necessary to keep up the protection and secrecy of Your clinical data. We guarantee to pay attention to Your protection and to keep up security and privacy of the data gave by You to Us. We, in any case, don't speak to, warrant or assurance that Our shields to forestall unapproved access to Your own data is idiot proof. Further, PHCI may itself need to get to Your clinical data (clinical records, meeting history, records and so on.) so as to explore any inadequacies, protests or complaints that You bring to the notification of PHCI. You therefore explicitly approve PHCI to get to Your clinical data in such cases.


You might be given connections on the Application that immediate You to outsider sites/applications/substance or specialist co-ops (all in all "Outsider Content").
Connections to such outsider applications are accommodated Your comfort as it were. It would be ideal if you practice Your free judgment and judiciousness when visiting/utilizing any Third Party Content by means of a connection accessible on the Application. Should You choose to tap on the connections to visit such Third Party Content, You do as such on Your own volition. Your use of such Third Party Content is dependent upon the terms of utilization of the individual Third Party Content and PHCI isn't answerable for Your utilization of any Third Party Content.
We don't stretch out the Agreement to some other sites/applications with the exception of this Application. We don't make any guarantee or give any security to the individual data uncovered by You to different sites/applications, regardless of whether such sites/applications are connected to our Application or they are utilizing our Application interface.
PHCI doesn't support any Third Party Content that You might be coordinated to from the Application.


Subject to pertinent law, PHCI will utilize industrially sensible endeavors to make the Services accessible to Registered Users 24 hours per day, 7 days every week, with the exception of:
1. planned personal time that will be conveyed ahead of time to Registered Users;
2. any inaccessibility brought about by conditions past PHCI's sensible control, including without restriction, digital assaults, demonstrations of God, demonstrations of government or administrative power, any command under pertinent law, flood, fire, quakes, common agitation, demonstrations of fear, strikes or other work issues, or web access supplier or/and web has disappointments or deferrals, forswearing of administration assault, and additionally Your demonstrations or oversights, hardware, programming or some other innovation of Your, or any outsider following up for Your sake
3. When such Service is delivered under a period plan, in which case, the commitment of PHCI under this proviso will be restricted to making accessible such Service during the time-plan. This commitment will likewise be dependent upon (2) and (3) above;
4. When the Registered User is outside the operational inclusion of Service.
PHCI has no obligation towards Non-enrolled User for offering Types of assistance.
For the evasion of uncertainty, it is thusly explained that PHCI' obligation towards Registered User will be restricted to the arrangement of the Services according to the terms and states of the Agreement.
In the event that PHCI suspects any unlawful, illegitimate or fake action on the Application by any User, despite some other rights PHCI may have against such User, PHCI maintains all authority to advise the significant government or law authorization specialists. PHCI will coordinate in every single insightful method or solicitations for get to/data started by any such government or law implementation specialists.
PHCI claims all authority to include new usefulness, expel existing usefulness, and adjust existing usefulness to its Services as and when it considers fit, and roll out any such improvements accessible in more current renditions of Application at its caution. All Users of its Services will be appropriately endless supply of such more current renditions and PHCI maintains all authority to naturally overhaul all Users to the most recent variant of its Services as and when it considers fit.
The Application and Services might be dependent upon specific constraints, for example, limits on extra room, limit on transmission capacity, startling vacation, inaccessibility because of unexpected conditions, and so on.
PHCI maintains whatever authority is needed to plan/reschedule/drop arrangements and trade at a
The data put away on the Application might be entered by You over the span of administrations gave by PHCI. The data gathered as a major aspect of the Services might be put away on Your cell phone just as on an outsider cloud stage ("Cloud Service Provider") or worker ("Storage Service Provider").
All video-conferences/IM talk meetings/instant messages/sounds/recordings/records/solutions/email and printed version correspondences between Users who are patients, and connected by PHCI will be recorded, spared and put away for record purposes and in the occasion such records are required to be created as proof on the bearing of an official courtroom. PHCI may audit this information every now and then for quality assessment purposes. Nonetheless, under ordinary conditions, PHCI won't get to any data that distinguishes You and will either overlook, cover or anonymize Your own data at the hour of value assessment.
It is thusly explained that PHCI doesn't have the commitment to pre-screen or screen User Content whenever. In any case, PHCI may choose for screen any User Content and may adjust or expel any User Content from the Application if PHCI decides in its sole attentiveness that such User Content is disregarding this Agreement or any relevant law and best practices. Where PHCI expels any User Content from the Application, PHCI will put forth sensible attempts to educate the Registered User who had posted such User Content.
All User Content will be recorded, spared and put away electronically on a protected cloud database/worker oversaw by the Cloud Service Provider/Storage Service Provider. PHCI will take best endeavors to guarantee that the Cloud Service Provider/Storage Service Provider utilizes fitting degrees of encryptions to secure information and plays it safe. PHCI will anyway not be liable for any digital information burglary from its Application or the Cloud Service Provider's/Storage Service Provider's databases. PHCI will keep up a point by point exchange and buy history of Users on the web.
PHCI claims all authority to forever erase User Content in the event that the User doesn't benefit a Service for a time of three years.


Your utilization of this Application will be exposed to the accompanying terms and conditions:
1. You will watch and conform to the terms and states of the Agreement in letter and soul;
2. You will give full and exact data about Your wellbeing, clinical history and individual consideration needs;
3. You will carefully cling to the guidance and directions given by specialists now and again;
4. You won't erase or alter any substance of the Application including yet not restricted to, lawful notification, disclaimers or exclusive notification, for example, copyright or brand name images, logos, that You don't possess or have express authorization to change; 5. You won't decode, decompile, figure out, or dismantle the PHCI content;
6. You won't utilize any motor, programming, device, specialist or other gadget or system, (for example, arachnids, robots, symbols or savvy operators) to explore or look through the Application;
7. You won't expel any copyright, brand name enlistment, or other restrictive notification from the Application. You further make a deal to avoid getting to or utilize this Application in any way that might be unsafe to the activity of this Application or its substance; 8. You won't outline or hotlink or deeplink any PHCI Content;
9. You won't utilize the Application and/or Services in any capacity that is unlawful, or hurts PHCI or some other individual or element, as decided in the PHCI's sole attentiveness.
10. You won't take part in any type of standoffish, disturbing, or ruinous acts, including "flaring", "spamming", "flooding", "trolling", "phishing" and "griefing" as those terms are normally comprehended and utilized on the Internet;
11. You won't have, show, transfer, adjust, distribute, communicate, update or offer any data that:
1. belongs to someone else and over which You doesn't have adequate legitimate rights;
2. is terribly unsafe, irritating, irreverent slanderous, disgusting, explicit, paedophilic, derogatory, intrusive of another's security, derisive, or racially, ethnically frightful, belittling, relating or empowering illegal tax avoidance or betting, or in any case unlawful in any way whatever;
3. harm minors in any capacity;
4. infringes any patent, brand name, copyright or other restrictive rights(se), disregards any law until further notice in power;
5. deceives or deludes the recipient about the birthplace of such messages or imparts any data which is horribly hostile or threatening in nature;
6. impersonate someone else;
7. contains programming infections or some other PC code, documents or projects intended to intrude on, pulverize or limit the usefulness of any PC asset;
8. threatens the solidarity, uprightness, guard, security or power of India, agreeable relations with unfamiliar states, or open request or makes actuation the commission of any cognizable offense or forestalls examination of any offense or is offending some other country.
Without partiality to the rights that PHCI may have under different arrangements of the Agreement, where PHCI has motivations to accept that a User has disregarded a term or state of the Agreement, at that point PHCI will, in its sole tact:
1. Suspend arrangement of Services; and additionally
2. Suspend the record of the User until there is sufficient data accessible with PHCI to decide if the User had abused a term or state of this Agreement; or potentially
3. Suspend or end the record of the User where PHCI has established that the User had disregarded a term or state of this Agreement; as well as
4. Approach User to make great that misfortune or harm caused to PHCI as a pre-condition to repudiate the suspension; or potentially
5. Take any such activity against the User as it passable under law; and additionally
6. Raise receipt of Services profited by the User; as well as
7. Disable and additionally erase such User Content that is in contradiction of the Agreement while saving such data and related records with the end goal of creation to administrative experts for examination purposes.

Installment, FEES AND TAXES

You consent to pay all Service charges, counseling expenses, sensible cash based costs and different charges material to Your utilization of the Services. While PHCI will endeavor to give You a reasonable gauge of charges ahead of time, the real expense might be reliant on the sort of Services that You buy and may change dependent on the number or span of the Services bought in to. You are exclusively liable for installment of all duties, legitimate compliances, legal enlistments and detailing. PHCI is not the slightest bit liable for any of the assessments with the exception of its own personal expense.
The charges could be paid online through the office made on the Application. Outsiders backing and administrations are required to process online expense installment. PHCI isn't liable for any misfortune or harm caused to User during this procedure as these outsiders are outside the ability to control of PHCI.
All charges are selective of expenses. The installment procedure would be finished uniquely on receipt of the sum to PHCI' assigned ledger.
A receipt for expenses against Services got by You will be created occasionally and will be hinted to You on the Application or potentially on Your contact subtleties. You might be mentioned to make the installment promptly or on a conceded premise, at the sole watchfulness of PHCI. In the event that the expenses against Services are not gotten inside the mentioned time period, PHCI maintains whatever authority is needed to stop arrangement of Services on prompt premise, for all time erase Your record and all data put away against your record and, suspend or end the Agreement. You will be exclusively liable for the outcomes of non-installment for the expenses inside the mentioned time period and have no privilege of recuperation in any structure against PHCI.
So as to process the installments, PHCI may require subtleties of Your financial balance, Visa number and so forth. If you don't mind check our security strategy AVAILBALE HERE on how PHCI utilizes the secret data gave by You.
PHCI will send an insinuation of charge receipt through an email as well as your contact subtleties inside seven (7) working long stretches of expense receipt from You.


PHCI may once in a while advance their Services on the Application accessible for you to buy., It is your obligation to fulfill yourself in such manner and we have no risk regarding the equivalent. All advancements are for restricted period and subject to uncommon terms and conditions, which are what's more and not to the terms and condition expressed in this.

Actuation Policy

For Services that require actuation, an official will connect with You inside 2 business days of the buy to help finish all paper customs and initiate the membership and convey all reports to the enrolled address inside 10 business long stretches of online buy.

Discount and Cancellation Policy

For web based membership Services, You are allowed to drop the Service whenever. PHCI will discount any unexpended development expenses paid by You at the hour of retraction of the Service. On the off chance that You wish to look for a discount of the development paid by You since You don't concur with an adjustment to the Agreement, if it's not too much trouble write to We will process discount of the unexpended sum.
Exposed to terms under provision 'Utilization of Services' of this Agreement for all locally established Services, PHCI will give discount of any unexpended development expenses paid by You if:
1. PHCI Service isn't according to the determination gave on the Application , please write to PHCI will process discount the unexpended sum gave inside examination affirms the case made by you.


The Services are not a trade for crisis administrations offered at emergency clinics and ought not be gotten to if the patient is in a basic condition. In Medical Emergency (characterized hereunder), if it's not too much trouble contact crisis administrations or potentially race to the closest clinic.
"Health related Emergency" will incorporate a genuine and startling circumstance that may include ailment or injury and requiring quick clinical consideration without which, have an inescapable danger/hazard to life and can conceivably prompt demise without the clinical consideration. In such circumstance understanding (grown-up and minor) may experience through any or numerous of the accompanying conditions:
1. development of chest torment;
2. sudden breathing trouble;
3. inability to talk;
4. inability to move any of the body parts;
5. loss of awareness;
6. sudden loss of vision as well as hearing;
7. not arranged to encompassing;
8. sudden strange conduct;
9. sudden crabbiness;
10. extreme laziness;
11. extreme distress;
12. sudden intensifying of any previous ailments;
13. Sudden advancement of serious torment.


By Using This Application, You therefore speak to and warrant that:
1. You are 18 years old or more established and that Your utilization of the Application will not abuse any appropriate law or guideline;
2. Where a minor may access or utilize the Application or Service, You will guarantee that such access or use occurs through Your record and under Your own management. Further, You acknowledge to be responsible and subject for the movement of the minor on the Application, remembering for regard of the Services profited on the Application;
3. All enlistment data You submit is honest and precise and that You consent to keep up the exactness of such data;
4. You as a Registered User will utilize the Application exclusively for Your own and non-business use. Any utilization of this Application or its substance other than for individual reasons for existing is carefully disallowed.
PHCI speaks to and warrants that:
1. it is an organization properly composed under the [Companies Act, 2013] and has the force and position to offer the Types of assistance and the Application;
2. it has all grants, endorsements and licenses important to complete the Services and in satisfying its commitments hereunder;
3. by going into this Agreement, PHCI doesn't abuse any of the past game plans went into with different substances to which it is a gathering;


You comprehend that there are inborn dangers engaged with accepting clinical administrations over a portable/PC stage, which include:
Data sent may not be adequate (e.g., helpless goal of pictures) ;
1. Delays in clinical assessment and treatment could happen because of lacks or disappointments of the Application;
2. Security conventions could come up short, causing a penetrate of protection of Your secret clinical data.
3. A absence of access to finish clinical records may bring about blunders in clinical judgment.
Client may expect the foreseen profits by the Services gave by PHCI, and its approved delegates, however no outcomes can be ensured. Client's condition may not be restored or improved, and at times, may deteriorate.
PHCI thusly disavows any duty towards Users as far as advancement, support and refreshing of the Application. Any alteration, advancement, upkeep or refreshing of the Application and any adjustment, move, permit or task of the rights in the Application will be finished by PHCI according to its sole judgment and in its sole tact.
The Application and Services gave by PHCI is given "with no guarantees," as accessible, and with no guarantees or conditions (express or suggested, including the inferred guarantees of merchantability, exactness, readiness for a specific reason, title and non-encroachment, emerging by rule or in any case in law or from a course of managing or use or exchange). To the furthest reaches allowed by law, PHCI repudiates all risk emerging out of the User's utilization or dependence upon the Application, the Services, the PHCI Content, portrayals and guarantees made by PHCI or any assessment or recommendation given or communicated by PHCI At the sole watchfulness of PHCI.
In particular, PHCI disavows any risk emerging out of:
1. Any previous ailment; or
2. Any unfriendly medication response (because of any demonstration or exclusion dependent on data found on the Application, or something else); or 3. Sudden heightening of an earlier ailment or clinical circumstances that happen by virtue of oversight of basic and material wellbeing data by a User.
PHCI accepts no accountability and will not be obligated for manners by which Your own information is utilized. It is the obligation of only you to guarantee that Your own information is utilized in consistence to appropriate security laws. PHCI accepts no accountability, and will not be at risk for, any harms to, or infections that may taint User's hardware by virtue of User's entrance to, utilization of, or perusing the Application or the downloading of any material, information, text, pictures, video substance, or sound substance from the Application. On the off chance that a User is disappointed with the Application, User's sole cure is to end utilizing the Application.
Neither PHCI nor its temporary workers and specialists will be at risk to a User, fiscally or something else, for an event wherein no clinical or procedural carelessness of PHCI or its contractual workers and operators is demonstrated.
Utilization of the Application does exclude the arrangement of a PC or cell phone or other fundamental gear to get to it. To utilize the Application You will require web availability and fitting media transmission joins. PHCI will not have any obligation or risk for costs brought about in getting any hardware or phone or different costs you may cause regarding the utilization of the Application.
Data in regards to PHCI Services is planned for general reference purposes as it were. Such data regularly changes as often as possible and may get obsolete or mistaken.


To the furthest reaches allowed by law, in no occasion will PHCI or its contractual workers or operators or any of their executives, officials, representatives, operators or substance or specialist co-ops (all in all, the "Secured Entities") be subject for any immediate, circuitous, extraordinary, coincidental, corrective, excellent or important harms (counting, without impediment, loss of business, income, benefits, altruism) emerging from, or legitimately or by implication identified with, the utilization of, dependence on, or the failure to utilize or depend on, the Application or the Services, materials and capacities related thereto whether PHCI has been cautioned of the chance of such harms or could have sensibly predicted such harms.
Despite anything to the opposite in this Agreement, in no occasion will the all out total obligation of the Protected Entities to a User for all harms, misfortunes, and reasons for activity (regardless of whether in agreement or misdeed, including, yet not constrained to, carelessness or something else) emerging from the terms and conditions.


You thus consent to reimburse, guard, and hold PHCI, PHCI's temporary workers, specialists, delegates and other approved clients (Registered and Non-Registered Users, Patients), and every one of the previous elements' particular contractual workers, operators, delegates, specialist co-ops and providers, and the entirety of the prior substances' individual officials, chiefs, proprietors, representatives, specialists, agents, innocuous from and against any misfortunes, harms, liabilities and expenses emerging from
(I) Your utilization of the Application or Service
(ii) Your penetrate of terms, conditions or arrangements of this Agreement, or infringement of any law, rules or guidelines by the User, or because of such different activities, exclusions or commissions of the User that offered ascend to the case.,
(iii) any careless or purposeful bad behaviour on Your part,
(vi) deceptions or deceitful criticism that has unfavourably influenced PHCI or its Users,
(v) User's activities coming about because of the User's survey of Content on PHCI Application,
(vi) any legitimate or outsider protected innovation right case that may emerge from the User Content and
(vii) any such case or risk emerging out of unapproved utilization of Application and substance inside the Application


In the occasion where a User has penetrated the Agreement in PHCI's sole judgment or when PHCI can't check or validate any data give by User to PHCI or when or User neglects to give the assents fundamental or alluring for PHCI to offer the Types of assistance (or subsequent to giving such assent, later repudiates), PHCI maintains whatever authority is needed to suspend and/or end the User's record as well as access to the Application by obstructing Your IP address or email id with or without notice to the User. Any speculated illicit, false or damaging action might be reason for suspending and/or ending User account as well as User access to the Application as well as Services. Upon suspension or end, Your entitlement to utilize the highlights on the Application including Services will quickly stop and PHCI may forever expel or erase Your data that is accessible with PHCI, including yet not restricted to login and account data.
PHCI will not be at risk to User or any outsider for any cases or harms emerging out of any end or suspension of User's record or some other activities taken by PHCI regarding such record end or suspension. When User's record has been briefly or uncertainly suspended or ended, User may not keep on utilizing the Application under a similar record, an alternate record or re-register under another record.


This Agreement will stay in full power and impact while You utilize the Application in any way or limit. You can end Your relationship with PHCI whenever by giving ninety (90) days' earlier composed notification at We need this period to inactivate User account, simply in the wake of confirming if there are any continuous or pending Services. PHCI may expect User to proceed until the consummation of an on-going Service should the circumstance warrant.
PHCI may end its relationship with You in the wake of giving 30 (thirty) days' earlier composed notification to Your enrolled email address. Be that as it may, it doesn't bias PHCI' option to deny assistance to You without giving any explanation.
PHCI may end the Agreement without notice and with quick impact where, in the sole assessment of PHCI:
1. Any material identifying with individual and clinical data outfitted by a User gives off an impression of being false; or
2. A User is basic or precarious or dead; or
3. Financial levy have not been paid by a User inside mentioned time span; or
4. User neglects to co-work with PHCI; or
5. PHCI assets are not, at this point satisfactory, accessible as well as appropriate to oblige User's wellbeing necessities. PHCI claims all authority to suspended or pulled back any non-paid form of any variation, instrument, release, add-on, and auxiliary item or administration of the Application from you by and by or all clients briefly or for all time whenever and without notice. PHCI may likewise force limitations on the length and way of use of any non-paid form of any variation, apparatus, version, add-on, and subordinate item or administration of the Application under any conditions. PHCI may change or update the non-paid form of any variation, device, release, add-on, and subordinate item or administration of the Application without notice to you. In the event that the need emerges, we may suspend access to such piece of the Application or close it uncertainly.


The data gave under this Application and the terms and conditions in that are represented by and to be deciphered as per laws of India.
The gatherings will undoubtedly present all debates and contrasts howsoever emerging out of or regarding this Agreement to mediation by one (1) judge, commonly selected by the gatherings. The discretion will be represented by the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 as altered every once in a while. The seat and scene of assertion will be Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. Subject to the previously mentioned, the skillful courts of Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala will have locale to allow critical between time reliefs to the gatherings.
The gatherings will reserve the option to apply to a court of equipped ward to acquire interval injunctive alleviation in regard of any question, pending goal of such debate as per the Agreement.


Severability: If any arrangement of this Agreement is held by a court of skilled ward or arbitral council to be unenforceable under appropriate law, at that point such arrangement will be avoided from the Agreement and the rest of the Agreement will be deciphered as though such arrangement were so prohibited and will be enforceable as per its terms; gave anyway that, in such occasion the Agreement will be deciphered in order to offer impact, furthest degree reliable with and allowed by material law, to the significance and goal of the barred arrangement as dictated by such court of capable locale or arbitral court.
Notification: All notification and different interchanges required or allowed hereunder to be given to a gathering will be recorded as a hard copy, in the English language, and will be sent email, or sent by paid ahead of time globally perceived dispatch or in any case conveyed by hand or by courier, routed to such gathering's location as gone ahead beneath or at such different location as the gathering will host outfitted to the next get-together recorded as a hard copy as per this arrangement:
• If to You: at the email address gave by You to us when You enlisted as a User. On the off chance that You are a Secondary User, You consent to get interchanges and be informed at the email address of the Primary User.
No term of the Agreement will be esteemed deferred and no penetrate pardoned, except if such waiver or assent will be recorded as a hard copy and marked by the gathering professed to have postponed or assented. Any assent by any gathering to, or waiver of a penetrate by the other, regardless of whether communicated or inferred, will not establish agree to, waiver of, or pardon for some other extraordinary or resulting break. Complete Understanding: The Agreement contain the whole comprehension of the gatherings, and there are no other composed or oral understandings or guarantees between the gatherings as for the topic of the Agreement other than those contained or referenced in the Agreement.
Power Majeure: PHCI will not be at risk for any personal time or deferral or inaccessibility of the Application brought about by conditions past PHCI's sensible control, including without constraint, digital assaults, demonstrations of God, demonstrations of government, floods, fires, seismic tremors, common agitation, demonstrations of dread, strikes or other work issues, network access supplier disappointments or postponements, or refusal of administration assaults.
Promotion: PHCI will reserve the privilege to put notices and exposure materials of its decision, including that relating to parties other than itself for business use through electronic methods on the Application. Task: You may not appoint or sub-permit, without the earlier composed assent of PHCI, the rights, obligations or commitments under this Agreement, in entire or to some degree, to any individual or substance.
Struggle: In the occasion there is any contention between the provisions of the Agreement, the accompanying request of commonness will apply: (I) any extra Service-explicit terms and conditions that might be concurred by You (ii) Privacy Policy (iii) the Terms of Use and (iv) some other approaches appropriate to explicit pages of the Application.
Endurance: Even after end, the arrangements of the Agreement as for Platform with no guarantees, Payment terms, Limitation of Liability, Indemnity, Intellectual Property, Dispute Resolution will proceed and endure end of this Agreement. Changes: PHCI maintains all authority to alter any piece of the Agreement whenever without giving You earlier notification. No piece of the Agreement will stand changed except if assented to recorded as a hard copy by PHCI.
When PHCI refreshes the Agreement, We will tell you through an email. Then again, PHCI may make Your record be logged-off in and make Your resulting account sign in contingent on acknowledgment of the Agreement.
In the event that You don't consent to the changes, kindly don't access or utilize the Application and the Services any further. These Terms of Use were keep going refreshed on: 25th July 2020


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