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Whatever people may say, it pays to be good looking. If you still have doubts, remember what the Bard said about the shape of Cleopatra’s nose. If it had been constructed a bit differently, the map of the world would have changed. Physical attractiveness has a significant effect on self –esteem and mental wellbeing in today’s age. In fact, beauty is just not skin deep!!!

The physically attractive person has a positive self-image, which helps in increased socialization. It naturally leads to the development of more social skills and greater assertiveness. The physically attractive persons are also more likely to receive better job offers, than their less good looking peers with similar qualifications. Job interviews and personality tests are also occasions, where not only one’s intellectual prowess is put to test, but also personal grooming and look. Airline cabin crew selections are to a large extent influenced by the physical charms. In the ever so competitive software industry too, young-looking professionals do get an edge over the haggard-looking ones. A protruding tummy or flabby chest, for instance, would immediately disqualify a candidate looking for a job in the Defense services. A few extra pounds of flab or an unseemly scar can ruin the dreams and aspirations of any young girl, who wants to make her mark in the field of movies, fashion or hospitality industry. In a nutshell, it can be said that physical attractiveness plays a significant role in all walks of life, be it in the realm of academics, business, sports or showbiz.

Plastic Surgery holds the key to overcome most of the inadequacies in the physical form of an individual. Strikingly noticeable physical incongruities can all be removed with the aid of Plastic Surgery. The appearance of the face and all its individual components can be changed, chests, waists, and bottoms can be contoured, limbs can be sculptured, scars and tattoos can be erased. In short everything about the physical form can be changed, but one should not forget to strike a harmonious balance between the physical, mental and emotional selves. The equilibrium of the individual has to be maintained.

Body Image is the result of the interplay of anatomic, anthropological, psychological and sociological perceptions. The surgeon should be skillful enough to safeguard all aspects of the individual’s personality while applying his scalpel. The surgeon should have also a good psychological insight into each patient’s need. Certain set of patients, mostly people in their teens and early twenties develop “Dysmorphophobia” showing schizoid and narcissistic personality traits. Some of these patients have self-perceived “deformities”, even though they appear normal to others. The surgeon has to use his discretion in dealing with such patients. The Surgeon’s job does not stop with surgery alone, it extends to personal counseling and psychiatric assistance for patients.

The fact is not that the physically attractive person is better than the others, but such people have greater chances of finding success, career advancements and happiness in life. In this age of competition and the zest for the fulfillment, Plastic Surgery helps to accentuate the individual’s physical attributes, thereby enhancing self-esteem and contentment.

The newfound prosperity of our society has brought with it problems like obesity with fat deposits of the tummy, hips, arms, and chest resulting in disfigurement. The discontent with the body form can lead on to depression, which in turn can lead to the vicious cycle of overeating (comfort eating) and putting on more weight. If the Plastic Surgeon can intervene at the right time by doing “Liposuction “(process of sucking out the excess fat from the body with the help of mechanical/Ultrasonic pumps) of the excess fat, or “Tummy Tuck” to get rid of a protuberant tummy, or reducing the “Man boobs:, this cycle can be broken and a fit and healthy individual can be rehabilitated back to the society . Increasing age, pregnancy, diseases, accidents all can inflict disfigurements on the body. The onslaught of age can be fought with the use of Fillers, Botox injections, peels, Lasers and anti-aging surgeries like Face & Neck lifts, arm/ thigh reductions, removal of eye bags, breast lift/ reduction surgeries, etc. Birth anomalies, burn deformities, crooked nose, Mongoloid eyes, receding chin, call all be corrected with the strokes of the Surgeon’s knife. Huge oversized breasts, which are a burden for both women and men (Gynecomastia) can be cut down to size.

Plastic surgery, in short, helps you to become a new radiant person in all senses of the world.

Dr. MS Jayasekhar
Consultant Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon

Suvarna Aesthetics Plastic surgery Center,
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